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2C. Matrix Management 2.0 Accountability System

  • 2C1. Definition of MM 2.0 accountability: Accountability is the commitment to achieve individual, team, and organizational outcomes while building organizational relationships.
  • 2C2. The MM 2.0 Accountability System needs to:
    • 2C2i. Support the production of outcomes.
    • 2C2ii. Create a proactive, empowered culture.
    • 2C2iii. Be able to get things done independent of authority or control.
    • 2C2iv. Support the horizontal dimension.
    • 2C2v. Promote cooperation and collaboration instead of competition.
    • 2C2vi. Create optimization and not suboptimization.
    • 2C2vii. Promote team building.
    • 2C2viii. Promote organizational learning.
  • 2C3. The MM 2.0 Accountability System is designed to work in a two-dimensional organization.
  • 2C4. Key results of the MM 2.0 Accountability System:
    • 2C4i. Aligns and optimizes the entire organization.
    • 2C4ii. Enables leaders to lead without authority.
    • 2C4iii. Optimizes the whole organization.
    • 2C4iv. Creates cooperation within and between teams.
    • 2C4v. Produces results.
    • 2C4vi. Creates a proactive environment.
    • 2C4vii. Encourages individuals to be self-directed and empowered.
    • 2C4viii. Creates a culture of success and continual learning.