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1L. The Leadership Lever and the ARC Keys

  • 1L1. The ARC Keys are referred to as the Leadership Lever because they influence the way in which individuals relate to one another, particularly how leaders interact with each other and with their team members.
  • 1L2. Figure 1.8. The Leadership Lever.
    leadership lever
  • 1L3. The purpose of the Leadership Lever is to:
    • 1L3i. Ensure leaders and team members can manage the interdependent relationships within a matrix.
    • 1L3ii. Develop the capability to lead without authority.
    • 1L3iii. Position leaders and team members to fulfill organizational, team, and individual accountability.
    • 1L3iv. Deliver an empowered organization with a culture of success.
  • 1L4. The Accountability Key focuses on:
    • 1L4i. The three types of accountability as they apply to individuals.
    • 1L4ii. The meaning and process of making commitments.
  • 1L5. The Relationship Management Key focuses on:
    • 1L5i. Building organizational and team relationships.
  • 1L6. The Collaborative Leadership Key focuses on:
    • 1L6i. Creating commitment and building high-performing teams.
  • 1L7. Table 1.5. Table of AEIOC outcomes using ARC.
A Creates alignment to team goalsEmpowered, proactive individuals work to deliver unconditional accountabilityTeam accountability ensures teams are integrated to produce resultsEnsures the organization and its team are being optimized versus individualsProactive culture
R Leaders and professionals identify who they align with to produce resultsEveryone is working towards win-win relationshipsCooperation and collaboration are used across teams to achieve organizational goalsThe team is optimized through win-win relation-shipsCulture of empowered adults
C Skills, tools, and techniques used to identify what and how to maintain alignmentLeaders act as facilitators and coaches to empower team members and increase the productivity of teamsTeam-based tools are used to plan and produce deliverablesThe team is optimized through collaboration-based methodsCulture of cooperation