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5A. Organizational Lever Overview

  • 5A1. The Organizational Lever uses the SPA Keys to shift the organization to MM 2.0.
    • 5A1i. Figure 5.1. The Organizational Lever.
      organizational lever
  • 5A2. The Organizational Lever is primarily the concern of senior leaders and senior organizational development/HR professionals. It addresses the management systems that need to be in place, which in turn drive leadership behavior.
    • 5A2i. Leadership behavior, in turn, drives professional behavior.
  • 5A3. Organizational management systems must be redesigned in order to work in an MM 2.0 world.
  • 5A4. Topics covered by the Organizational Lever include:
    • 5A4i. Governance overview
    • 5A4ii. Portfolio management
    • 5A4iii. Vector governance
    • 5A4iv. Sector governance
    • 5A4v. The project system
    • 5A4vi. Project management
    • 5A4vii. Business units
    • 5A4viii. Business process management
    • 5A4ix. Strategic execution
    • 5A4x. MM 2.0 Maturity Model and the SPA Keys