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7D. Collaborative Methods

  • 7D1. A team leader uses collaborative, team-based methods for planning and managing the work.
  • 7D2. A collaborative method provides a structured process for team participation.
    • 7D2i. The process includes a set of steps that the team works through that leads it to the best possible result, and that creates consensus along the way.
  • 7D3. Examples of collaborative methods include:
    • 7D3i. Planning
    • 7D3ii. Risk assessment
    • 7D3iii. Decision making
    • 7D3iv. Problem solving
    • 7D3v. Idea generation
    • 7D3vi. Innovative business solution definition
    • 7D3vii. Adoption assessment
  • 7D4. Meetings in MM 2.0:
    • 7D4i. Should employ collaborative methods
    • 7D4ii. Should be facilitated by the team leader