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8D. Decision Making and Problem Solving

  • 8D1. VM 1.0 decision making and problem solving:
    • 8D1i. Decisions are made by individuals. Problems are solved by individuals.
    • 8D1ii. Decisions are made by whoever has the span of control that encompasses all aspects of the decision. The same is true of problem solving.
    • 8D1iii. Bosses have the authority to make decisions for their areas.
    • 8D1iv. When there is a problem, decision making moves up the chain of command.
  • 8D2. MM 2.0 decision making and problem solving:
    • 8D2i. Accountability is not synonymous with decision making.
    • 8D2ii. Decision making and problem solving are done by the team that spans the interdependencies of the decision. Decisions that have few interdependencies can be done by individuals.
    • 8D2iii. Decisions that affect others should be done by teams, using a collaborative decision-making process.
    • 8D2iv. When teams resolve problems, a collaborative problem-solving method should be used.
    • 8D2v. Decisions are made and problems are resolved at the lowest level possible within the horizontal dimension.
    • 8D2vi. Escalation is through horizontal governance, moving from lower levels to higher levels.
    • 8D2vii. If a resolution with an individual cannot be achieved horizontally, then it moves to the vertical.