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6E. Partnership Relationships

  • 6E1. Partnerships are relationships between equals.
  • 6E2. Partnership relationships are needed in a matrix because a) most relationships are between individuals who have no authority over each other, and b) the basis of working together is cooperation, and true cooperation is only possible when the two parties feel they are equals.
  • 6E3. An effective partnership relationship is developed and maintained as a result of the following:
    • 6E3i. Mutual respect
    • 6E3ii. Shared power
    • 6E3iii. Adult-to-adult interaction
    • 6E3iv. Continual communication
    • 6E3v. Clearly defined, prioritized goals
    • 6E3vi. Negotiated contracts
    • 6E3vii. Clear accountability
    • 6E3viii. Resolution of conflicts as they arise
    • 6E3ix. Monitoring of progress
    • 6E3x. Continual feedback and learning
    • 6E3xi. Shared methods and processes
  • 6E4. Leaders and professionals have multiple types of relationships to manage across the matrix.
    • 6E4i. Informal non-authority relationships
    • 6E4ii. Customer-to-supplier relationships
    • 6E4iii. Team relationships:
      • 6E4iiia. Team leader to team member
      • 6E4iiib. Team member to team member
      • 6E4iiic. Team leader or team member to stakeholder
    • 6E4iv. Sponsor to leader relationship
    • 6E4v. Coach to direct report relationship