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3D. Matrix Management 2.0 Structure Premises and Principles

  • 3D1. Premises of MM 2.0 structure:
    • 3D1i. The business is run through the horizontal dimension.
    • 3D1ii. The primary unit of structure in a matrix is the team.
  • 3D2. Principles of MM 2.0 structure:
    • 3D2i. Structure the horizontal to run the business and structure the vertical to manage resources and technology.
    • 3D2ii. Structure the horizontal around the most important sectors and vectors for the organization.
    • 3D2iii. The vertical structure exists to support horizontal structure.
    • 3D2iv. Whenever possible, create interlocking teams. (See Section 3I.)
    • 3D2v. Organizational governance is structured in the horizontal dimension. (See Section 5B.)
    • 3D2vi. Goals are deployed down through the horizontal dimension. (See Section 3L.)