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6A. Vertical Management 1.0/Matrix Management 1.0 Relationship Management

  • 6A1. In VM 1.0/MM 1.0, the primary relationship is the vertical one, between the boss and the subordinate.
    • 6A1ia. Premises that drive relationships in VM 1.0/MM 1.0 include:
    • 6A1ii. Employees are like children; they need constant direction and supervision if the work is to get done.
    • 6A1iii. Bosses know more than their direct reports.
  • 6A2. VM 1.0 relationship management principles:
    • 6A2i. Every person needs a single boss who can tell him what to do.
    • 6A2ii. The boss makes the decisions and delegates them to the direct report.
    • 6A2iii. Relationships are unequal. The boss has more power than the direct report.
  • 6A3. MM 1.0 relationship management principles:
    • 6A3i. A person must have a “boss” relationship with every person she needs to take direction from.
      • 6A3ia. This is the basis of dual reporting.
    • 6A3ii. In customer/supplier relationships, the customer defines what he wants, and the supplier must ensure that the customer receives what he wants and is satisfied.