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2W. Vertical Management 1.0 vs. Matrix Management 2.0 Accountability Summary

VM 1.0/MM 1.0 Accountability MM 2.0 Accountability
Individual accountability only (or in some cases there is no accountability)Organizational, team, and individual accountability
Optimizes the parts (individuals and functions)Optimizes the whole
Based on authorityDoes not require authority
After the factBefore action is taken
Doesn’t matter how you achieve your accountabilityConditions on how accountability is achieved are effectiveness, efficiency, and building organizational relationships
No overlapOverlap required to create alignment
No shared accountabilityAccountability is shared
Accountability is aligned with goals down through the vertical organizationAccountability is aligned with goals decomposed down through the horizontal organization
Leaders valued based on span of controlLeaders and professionals valued based on span of accountability
Performance planPortfolio of accountability