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8E. Leading Successful Meetings

  • 8E1. Team leaders spend a lot of time leading meetings of one type or another. One of their roles is to lead a successful meeting.
  • 8E2. In VM 1.0 and MM 1.0, meetings are led using a directive approach. A leader calls a meeting, hears reports from team members, makes decisions, and delegates assignments.
  • 8E3. In MM 2.0, meetings are opportunities for collaborative planning, monitoring, decision making, and problem solving. They are also an opportunity for team members to share information with each other.
  • 8E4. In order to lead a successful meeting, a team leader needs to:
    • 8E4i. Be clear on the outcomes to be achieved as a result of the meeting.
    • 8E4ii. Define the process to be used for the meeting.
    • 8E4iii. Inform participants of what to expect from the meeting.
    • 8E4iv. Facilitate the group through the processes (collaborative methods) that will produce the required outputs from the meeting.
    • 8E4v. Allow the team to retain ownership of the outputs produced.
    • 8E4vi. Document any agreements/commitments reached as a result of the meeting.
    • 8E4vii. Monitor the team process during the meeting so the team continues on its path to becoming high-performing or stays at a high-performing level if it’s already there.
    • 8E4viii. Help the team to build relationships during the meeting.