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4L. Matrix Management 2.0 Maturity Model and the P Key

  • 4L1. Table 4.1. The MM 2.0 Maturity Model for Productivity.
LevelKey Descriptor
Level 0 (VM 1.0/MM 1.0)Individuals and functions are optimized
Individual productivity is key
Individual methods
Level 1 (MM 2.0)Project portfolio is optimized
Level 2 (MM 2.0)Business process management system in place
Business process measures are defined to optimize wholes
Level 3 (MM 2.0)Sectors are prioritized
Portfolios for key sectors and vectors are prioritized
Clear prioritization of goals/deliverables at Steering Council level is established
Resource allocation process is established
Level 4 (MM 2.0)Team productivity measures are in place
Resource allocation process is managing capacity at less than 100%
Level 5 (MM 2.0)All metrics are based on MM 2.0 productivity
Overall organization is optimized