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1M. The Matrix Management 2.0 Maturity Model

  • 1M1. The MM 2.0 Maturity Model consists of five levels of organizational and leadership maturity as they relate to the MM 2.0 OS.
    • 1M1i. SPA measures organizational maturity and ARC measures leadership maturity.
    • 1M1ii. An organization that is operating with VM 1.0/MM 1.0 is considered to be at Level 0 in the maturity model.
    • 1M1iii. It is common for an organization to be at different levels of maturity relative to the two levers: Organizational and Leadership.
    • 1M1iv. Table 1.6. MM 2.0 Maturity Model.
Level Organizational Maturity (SPA)Leadership Maturity (ARC)
0Vertical structure and governanceAuthority-based leadership
1Project system in placeEmpowered adult leaders with organizational accountability
2Business processes optimizedCollaborative leadership and methods used with team and individual accountability
3Sector governance and portfolio managementWin-win relationships
4Horizontal primaryLeaders lead without authority
5Optimized and aligned organizationHigh-performing collaborative teams
    • 1M1v. An organization can also be at different levels for each of the SPARC Keys. (The Maturity Model for each SPARC Key is presented at the end of the section describing each key.)
  • 1M2. An organization that wants to adopt MM 2.0 must migrate from its current system of operation (VM 1.0/MM 1.0) to MM 2.0.
    • 1M2i. Migrating from one level to another doesn’t happen all at once, mainly because it entails a major shift in paradigm, which takes time; therefore, this migration should be done in stages.
    • 1M2ii. Diagnosing which level the organization is currently operating at for SPA and ARC is the first step in determining a migration strategy.