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3O. Matrix Management 2.0 Maturity Model and the S Key

  • 3O1. Table 3.1. The MM 2.0 Maturity Model for Structure.
LevelKey Descriptor
Level 0 (VM 1.0/MM 1.0)Structure is vertically focused
Restructuring means restructuring the vertical
Goals are deployed down through the vertical organization
Governance is in the vertical dimension
Level 1 (MM 2.0)Project Steering Council is in place
Project teams are structured according to MM 2.0 rules
Realistic and attainable goals are set
Level 2 (MM 2.0)Horizontal dimension has been mapped
Level 3 (MM 2.0)Sectors are identified
Strategic and operational steering for sectors and vectors are in place
Goals are deployed down through the horizontal organization
Vector and sector project portfolios are prioritized
Level 4 (MM 2.0)Deliverable teams are created for sectors
Stakeholders are defined by horizontal, not vertical
Level 5 (MM 2.0)All sectors are structured around teams
Vertical dimension serves as the resource base