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2L. Consequences and Accountability

  • 2L1. In MM 2.0, consequences are a result of either meeting your commitments (fulfilling accountability) or not.
    • 2L1i. Figure 2.12. Commitment agreement and results.
      diagram showing that if the results match the commitment, accountability is fulfilled
  • 2L2. Consequences close the loop on accountability.
  • 2L3. Consequences can be applied to one or more individuals.
  • 2L4. Consequences can be positive or negative and can include a whole range of actions. Some of the positive consequences that might ensue from fulfilling accountability:
    • 2L4i. Sincere thanks for a job well done
    • 2L4ii. Praise and public recognition for a job well done
    • 2L4iii. An extra day off
    • 2L4iv. A better assignment for the next task
    • 2L4v. A raise or bonus
    • 2L4vi. A promotion
  • 2L5. Consequences generally increase when the outcomes required are more important to the organization.
  • 2L6. Consequences also increase when there is learning (positive consequences) or when there is not (negative consequences). The level of consequence should escalate when we fail to learn from our past failures or successes.