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5D. Vector Governance

  • 5D1. A vector is a category of internally focused initiatives/projects intended to improve or transform the organization.
    • 5D1i. Vectors might include infrastructure, organizational development, broad spectrum support (HR, IT, finance initiatives), etc.
  • 5D2. Each vector has a leader who is accountable for the entire vector.
  • 5D3. There is a Strategic Vector Steering Council (SVSC) that manages across all vectors, and then there are Operational Vector Steering Councils which manage specific vectors and their portfolios.
    • 5D3i. If the organization is small, both the strategic and operational levels can be overseen by a single Vector Steering Council.
    • 5D3ii. The SVSC therefore oversees the entire portfolio of initiatives. The SVSC should be interlocked with the Executive Steering Council.
  • 5D4. The strategic plan and the prioritized strategic goals indicate what percentage of vector resources needs to be allocated to each vector.
    • 5D4i. The organization must determine what percentage of overall resources is dedicated to vector activities, and all segments must set aside these resources for vectors initiative/projects.
    • 5D4ii. Vector resources are not dedicated resources.
    • 5D4iii. Individual accountability portfolios (Section 2T) should reflect an allocated effort for vector projects/initiatives.