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3L. Vertical Management 1.0 Goal Definition/Decomposition

  • 3L1. In VM 1.0, goal decomposition occurs in the vertical dimension.
    • 3L1i. Goals are decomposed vertically, through functions via the MBO (Management by Objectives) system.
    • 3L1ii. Goals are decomposed to functional tasks.
  • 3L2. VM 1.0 is focused on the individual.
    • 3L2i. Goals are assigned to individuals.
    • 3L2ii. Achieving individual goals are the means by which strategy is achieved.
  • 3L3. Stretch goals are used to push individuals to be more productive.
    • 3L3i. The assumption is that individuals won’t work as hard as they can unless they are challenged to reach unrealistic goals.
  • 3L4. Goals are defined at the beginning of the year.
    • 3L4i. Goals are decomposed into an individual’s performance plan for the year.