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5E. Sector Governance

  • 5E1. A sector is a strategically important segment of the business strategy.
  • 5E2. Sector governance
    • 5E2i. Steering Councils are used for sector governance.
    • 5E2ii. Steering Councils for sectors are composed of all the key stakeholders for that sector.
  • 5E3. MM 2.0 sector governance rules:
    • 5E3i. Sector Steering Councils are accountable for governing the sector (or in some cases a segment) they oversee.
    • 5E3ii. Steering Councils make decisions that are aligned with their span of accountability.
  • 5E3iii. Conflicts between two or more Steering Councils that cannot be resolved between them are raised to the next higher level council that has a span of accountability that encompasses both councils.
  • 5E4. Sector governance and projects:
    • 5E4i. There are two types of sector projects: those that are part of the operating process, called operating projects, which produce deliverables that are delivered to the external customer, and those designed to improve or reinvent what or how things are done within the sector.
    • 5E4ii. Sector governance oversees its own projects. It must also support vector initiatives/projects.