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3J. Team Membership

  • 3J1. Teams should include all key stakeholders, either at the main team or subteam level.
  • 3J2. Internal customers or customer reps (in the case of external customers) should be included on the team.
  • 3J3. If a key stakeholder is outside the organization (like a regulatory body), someone on the team must act as the rep for that stakeholder.
  • 3J4. The team should include all key internal capabilities needed to achieve the goals or produce the deliverables.
    • 3J4i. For key capabilities acquired from outside the organization, someone on the team needs to act as the liaison to the outside resource.
      • 3J4ia. External resources do not carry organizational accountability, and therefore an internal person needs to liaise with the external contractor to ensure organizational accountability is fulfilled.
  • 3J5. Team members are recruited directly or through resource leaders.
  • 3J6. Team members agree to be on teams that are aligned with their organizational accountability and when the team member has the capacity and capability to serve.