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2X. Matrix Management 2.0 Maturity Model and the A Key

  • 2X1. Table 2.3. The MM 2.0 Maturity Model for accountability.
Level Key Descriptors
Level 0 (VM 1.0/MM 1.0)Reactive individual accountability in place
Accountability depends on authority and control
No accountability for business processes as a whole Accountability identified for the elements (parts)
Level 1 (MM 2.0)Organizational, team, and individual accountability understood by organization
Accountability on projects clearly defined – team and individual; team accountability charts
Customers on project teams
Level 2 (MM 2.0)Accountability for business processes defined
Accountability for customer and suppliers clearly defined
Level 3 (MM 2.0)MM 2.0 accountability in use on Steering Councils
Accountability for sectors and vectors defined
Relationship accountability included in performance evaluation
Organizational accountability accepted by leadership team
Level 4 (MM 2.0)Accountability portfolios used at leadership and individual levels
Team accountability included in performance evaluation
Coach held accountable for direct report’s success
Level 5 (MM 2.0)MM 2.0 accountability fully implemented
Performance Management System aligned with MM 2.0 Accountability System
Organizational accountability included in performance evaluation