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8A. Leadership Lever Overview

  • 8A1. The Leadership Lever uses the ARC Keys to shift the organization to MM 2.0.
    • 8A1i. Figure 8.1. The Leadership Lever.
      leadership lever
      • 8A1ia. The Leadership Lever affects the behavior of not only leaders, but professionals as well. The Organizational Lever is the primary driver of leadership behavior, and the Leadership Lever is the primary driver of professional behavior (although the Organizational Lever affects professionals as well).
    • 8A1ii. Leaders must learn to lead without authority to lead in an MM 2.0 operating system.
    • 8A1iii. Professionals must learn to work collaboratively with others on teams.
    • 8A1iv. Topics covered by the Leadership Lever include:
      • 8A1iva. Leading without authority
      • 8A1ivb. Managing projects without authority
      • 8A1ivc. Decision making and problem solving
      • 8A1ivd. Lead successful meetings
      • 8A1ive. Coaching
      • 8A1ivf. Working in a matrix
      • 8A1ivg. Culture of success
      • 8A1ivh. MM 2.0 Maturity Model and the ARC Keys