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4E. Understanding Capability

  • 4E1. Capability is the ability to do something—apply knowledge, skill, and expertise to a task or activity.
    • 4E1i. Effectiveness of individuals is highly dependent on capability.
  • 4E2. Capability for a professional addresses the question, “Do I have the know-how to produce the deliverable?”
    • 4E2i. Technical capabilities for professionals:
      • 4E2ia. Professionals need to have the technical knowledge, skill, or expertise (capability) that is required to produce deliverables.
      • 4E2ib. There is technical know-how associated with any job, from laying bricks to maintenance to designing supersonic jets.
    • 4E2ii. Methodology/process capabilities for professionals:
      • 4E2iia. Professionals need the capability to use methods and processes that facilitate the producing of a deliverable.
      • 4E2iib. This includes the ability to participate in collaborative team-based methods such as planning, decision making, and problem solving.
    • 4E2iii. Team/people capabilities for professionals:
      • 4E2iiia. This involves being an effective team member; being able to collaborate with others.
      • 4E2iiib. Professionals need to be able to interface with others, build relationships, sell their ideas, come up with new ideas, learn from mistakes, etc.
    • 4E2iv. Professionals who lead teams will also need the methodology/processes and team/people capabilities that are listed in Section 4E3 below.
  • 4E3. Capability for a leader addresses the question, “Do I know how to help the team to produce the goal or deliverable?”
    • 4E3i. Technical capability: The knowledge, skill, and expertise to provide technical direction for an area.
      • 4E3ia. Leading a resource (vertical) area requires a broad level of technical understanding.
      • 4E3ib. Leading in the horizontal dimension requires capabilities for running the business, which include steering, prioritization, goal setting, etc.
    • 4E3ii. Methodology/processes capability:
      • 4E3iia. Leaders need to be able to use methods and processes to facilitate/lead teams. Examples include collaborative project management, decision making, problem solving, innovation, process design, process improvement, change management, leading effective meeting skills, etc.
    • 4E3iii. Team/people capability:
      • 4E3iiia. These include facilitation, negotiation, influencing, selling, building relationships, building high-performing teams, conflict resolution, coaching, etc.