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2M. Reactive vs. Proactive Accountability

  • 2M1. MM 2.0 accountability is a proactive, commitment-based system.
  • 2M2. Proactive accountability is the upfront commitment to achieve individual, team, and organizational success.
    • 2M2i. The focus is on upfront commitment.
  • 2M3. Table 2.1. Reactive vs. Proactive Accountability.
Reactive Accountability – VM 1.0/MM 1.0 Proactive Accountability – MM 2.0
Focused on the back end.Focused on the front end.
Figure 2.13a. Back end of the process.
execution stage
Figure 2.13b. Front end of the process.
chart showing front-end process
Focused on determining why the result happened. What was the cause?Focused on defining up front what will be required in order to be successful. What is needed to be successful?
Seeks to avoid failure.Seeks to ensure success.
Determines who was (past tense) accountable based on what happened during the Executing Stage. Accountability is based on circumstances.Determines who will be (future tense) accountable after a commitment is made. Results are compared with the commitment that was made. (See Figure 2.12.) Accountability is not based on circumstances.
Fault-based accountability.No-fault accountability.
Assumes the individual is not empowered to decide whether or not to accept accountability.Assumes the individual can make his own accountability decisions (most of the time).