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8H. Culture of Success

  • 8H1. The culmination of applying all the SPARC Keys is the creation of a culture of success.
  • 8H2. Culture is a result of the premises, principles, and rules that regulate the organization and the leadership team.
    • 8H2i. These premises, principles, and rules determine the behavior of leaders and professionals in an organization.
  • 8H3. In VM 1.0/MM 1.0, the premises, principles, and rules often create a culture of fear and fear of failure. It is a culture that focuses on heroes and fire-fighting.
    • 8H3i. The accountability system is reactive and blame-based. People fear being singled out as the cause of failure.
    • 8H3ii. Resource overcommitment leads to constant failures and a demoralized workforce.
    • 8H3iii. Individuals are optimized and rewarded for heroic efforts.
  • 8H4. In MM 2.0, the premises, principles, and rules create a culture of success.
    • 8H4i. The Structure Key provides the vehicle for governing horizontally and for the leadership team to work collaboratively.
    • 8H4ii. The Productivity Key creates alignment around goals, which enables everyone to make decisions that serve the organization at large.
    • 8H4iii. The Accountability Key creates a proactive system of accountability that, when coupled with realistic goals and deliverables, allows individuals and teams to be successful at achieving outcomes.
    • 8H4iv. The Relationship Management Key connects everyone in the organization in win-win relationships.
    • 8H4v. The Collaborative Leadership Key provides team-based methods so teams can work together to achieve their goals and leadership that is inclusive and empowered.